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SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This ratio measures the cooling efficiency of a system. You can calculate this by dividing the cooling output by the total electrical energy input. This will ultimately tell you the amount of cooling your unit will provide per dollar spent on electricity.

Every day your heating and cooling systems are working to keep your home comfortable. Any machine working this often will go through some wear, which is why maintenance is important. Regular maintenance will not only increase the efficiency of your system but will also prevent serious damages from occurring. Professional inspections will detect leaks, rust, frayed wires, and more.

You should have professional maintenance done regularly. Most often, systems need maintenance at least once a year, but it depends on the equipment you have.

All heat pumps and air conditioners require servicing at least twice a year. Gas-fired equipment can be serviced every other year.

Boiler and furnace inspections should include:

  • Ductwork
  • Pipes
  • Dampers
  • Chimney
  • Registers
  • Radiators
  • Pumps
  • Blowers
  • Fuel lines
  • Gas meter
  • Oil tank

Heat pump and AC unit inspections should include:

  • Fan
  • Compressor
  • Indoor & outdoor coils
  • Line kits
  • Refrigerant lines

Call us! Being Lennox dealers, we know how to help with any problem. Lennox also has a network of troubleshooting technicians with whom we team up with to solve your issues.

Programmable thermostats make controlling the temperature of your home extremely simple. You can program your thermostat to automatically change temperatures at different times of the day so that you won’t have to worry about it all the time. This function will ensure you never forget to change settings.

Programmable thermostats make controlling the temperature of your home extremely simple. You can program your thermostat to automatically change temperatures at different times of the day so that you won’t have to worry about it all the time. This function will ensure you never forget to change settings.

When it comes to filters, you should always choose one that matches your blower’s capacity. Standard filters keep your system and ductwork clean but don’t do much to improve your indoor air quality. A media filter helps remove dust and particle seven times more than that of a standard filter. You can upgrade further with a pleated media filter, which will remove insecticide dust and airborne viruses.

We recommend that you replace your disposable filters at least once a month. If you have washable filters, they should be washed once a month.

Lennox filters can only be purchased from Lennox dealers. These filters are made from higher quality materials than those of disposable filters found in many retail stores. In addition, some Lennox filters are reusable and can be washed by hand in cold water!

You can get them from us! Being a Lennox dealer, we know how to best identify and supply the correct system and parts to each customer.

In order to determine what system to install for your home, you have to take a look at a number of factors. These include the geographic location of your home, square footage, insulation, window surface and arrangement, duct sizing, and more. One of our licensed professionals will perform an in-home load analysis and determine what equipment combinations will best suit your home and needs.

Lennox covers parts that fail during their warranty period but does not cover the labor. When you received your homeowner information packet, a warranty certificate was included. This will detail the model number, serial number, and installation date of your products. If you can’t locate your warranty certificate, we can provide you with the information.

The life expectancy of a unit ultimately depends on use and maintenance. But our Lennox products have some of the longest lifespans. The more efficient the unit runs, the longer you can expect it to last.

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  • James Pruitt Avatar
    James Pruitt
    1/16/2020 - Google

    Quick, expert service and knowledgeable staff. Highlighted unknown issues and fixed all problems in under 60 minutes. Would highly recommend... read more

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    Charles (Charlie) Murphy
    1/02/2020 - Google

    Bryan Phongsa was great! Called when he was on his way and was very polite and respectful. Anytime he was... read more

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    Stephen Olliver
    12/23/2019 - Google

    Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueGreat company with very nice employees. Will definitely use on my other properties as well!!!!Thanks Brian

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    Brad Burnett
    12/23/2019 - Google

    Prime Comfort is hands down THE BEST service provider that I have ever used. The whole team is very responsive... read more

    Tatiana Cooper Avatar
    Tatiana Cooper
    11/23/2019 - Google

    From the moment I called panicked because we had CO2 leaking from HVAC heat system to the moment the technicians... read more

    Stephen Christy Avatar
    Stephen Christy
    10/23/2019 - Google

    Prime Comfort was quick to respond and schedule a visit for furnace maintenance. Bryan arrived as scheduled and was professional,... read more

  • Richard Kinkel Avatar
    Richard Kinkel
    10/23/2019 - Google

    The tech was very competent. He was courteous. And he got the job done. I am extremely pleased.

    Dennis Strickland Avatar
    Dennis Strickland
    10/23/2019 - Google

    Lance called before he came out to tell us what time he would arrive. Upon arrival he assessed the... read more

    Walter Ski Avatar
    Walter Ski
    7/23/2019 - Google

    Highly recommend for service or new install. Overall great professional experience. Honest with no hard upsell, just the facts. ... read more

  • Sb B. Avatar
    Sb B.
    7/23/2019 - Google

    Heat Pump Upgrade and Replacement:Prime Comfort, recommended by Duke-Energy, Better Business Bureau, was exceptional. From a no pressure sales presentation,... read more

    Mike S Avatar
    Mike S
    7/23/2019 - Google

    Had a great experience with Prime Comfort from the initial call to schedule an appointment to the tech Bryan coming... read more

    Kerri Mickelson Avatar
    Kerri Mickelson
    7/23/2019 - Google

    Lance and the team at Prime Comfort saved the day when our AC went out on a 100 degree day!... read more

  • Marci Coulter Avatar
    Marci Coulter
    7/23/2019 - Google

    Shows up on time. Honest about what's going on without trying to up-sell before repair is actually needed. Great customer... read more

    David Cripe Avatar
    David Cripe
    7/23/2019 - Google

    After reading all these rave reviews on Google, I decided to choose Prime Comfort for AC Maintenance back in April.... read more

    Kenneth Hocker Avatar
    Kenneth Hocker
    7/23/2019 - Google

    Great folks who take the time to explain and show you everything that is going on with your system. Highly... read more

  • Amber Doran Avatar
    Amber Doran
    6/23/2019 - Google

    Fast response, friendly staff and a kind and knowledgeable tech. Thank you so much, I definitely will recommend you to... read more

    Kyle Thompson Avatar
    Kyle Thompson
    6/23/2019 - Google

    From what I briefly researched - it appeared that my capacitor went bad in my upstairs unit. I called Prime... read more

    Krystal Battle Avatar
    Krystal Battle
    6/23/2019 - Google

    I tried this company for the first time after receiving 6 quotes from 6 different HVAC companies to replace 4... read more

  • Darryl Green Avatar
    Darryl Green
    5/23/2019 - Google

    Bryan did a great job for us. I feel really good about choosing your company for my service plan.

    Joe Whalen Avatar
    Joe Whalen
    5/23/2019 - Google

    Definitely a 5 Star Outfit!...I have used them several times for installation of a new system and annual maintenance. ... read more

    Lisa Kelly Avatar
    Lisa Kelly
    4/23/2019 - Google

    I highly recommend Prime Comfort! They have wonderful customer service, their technicians are very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal... read more

  • Suzette Avatar
    4/23/2019 - Google

    Highly recommend Prime Comfort. The process was very professional. Bill was helpful with competitive quotes. In the office Barbara... read more

    Mark Roberts Avatar
    Mark Roberts
    4/23/2019 - Google

    Called several companies for estimates on a complete gas furnace/AC system installation. Prime Comfort was by far the most reasonable... read more

    Angela Montaque Avatar
    Angela Montaque
    4/23/2019 - Google

    This was my first time working with Prime Comfort.Making an appointment with Barbara was easy and she worked with me... read more

  • Vanessa Sigmon Avatar
    Vanessa Sigmon
    4/23/2019 - Google

    We love prime comfort! Bryan and Barbara are great! They are easy to work, Bryan does quality work, and they... read more

    Brad H. Avatar
    Brad H.
    1/07/2020 - HomeAdvisor

    Very quick and easy. I called in the morning and my new thermostat was installed within a couple of hours!

    Lydie S. Avatar
    Lydie S.
    12/10/2019 - HomeAdvisor

    Great job.

  • Dayle M. Avatar
    Dayle M.
    9/06/2019 - HomeAdvisor

    Quick response & fixed my AC in a short time - very appreciated in this hot weather! Professional and knowledgeable... read more

    Amanda L. Avatar
    Amanda L.
    8/13/2019 - HomeAdvisor

    Very professional Brian went above and beyond.

    Joseph B. Avatar
    Joseph B.
    2/26/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    The complete HVAC system was replaced ~2 years ago. The job performed at the time was very sloppy. Unglued connections,... read more

  • Emmanuel A. Avatar
    Emmanuel A.
    6/16/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Very professional and prompt.

    Charles P. Avatar
    Charles P.
    3/02/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Great to do business with and he did it at good price.

    Erik B. Avatar
    Erik B.
    1/24/2020 - HomeAdvisor

    Courteous, professional and quick response for scheduling.

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