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Improving Indoor Air Quality in Mecklenburg County

Does it seem like someone in your family is always struggling with a cold, or does it seem like flu seasons never ends at your house? The true culprit might be poor indoor air quality, which has been plaguing many residents in North Carolina. It is important to invest in air quality services in Charlotte to keep your family safe, so speak to our knowledgeable team at Prime Comfort quickly.

We also offer air quality products such as Reme Halo, Trane Clean Affects, and the iWave Purifying System. These can be easily added to an HVAC system!

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The Importance of Arranging Crawl Space Encapsulation

Many people are unaware that their crawl space is a major contributor to poor indoor air quality within their home, even though it is located so far down in the basement. Because of all the moisture that accumulates in your crawl space, it often begins to develop disagreeable growths, ranging from mildew to bacteria. As these unpleasant contaminants spread throughout the crawlspace, their effects can soon be felt upstairs as well, ranging from horrible smells to heightened symptoms of asthma. 

The way to combat this source of pollution within your home is through dedicated crawl space encapsulation. Encapsulation treatment is a highly effective tactic since it completely separates the interior of your crawl space from the inclement weather outside. In many cases, an added vapor barrier will benefit your space even further, preventing nasty odors and spores from getting in. If need be, professionals can also make sure to dehumidify your space, adding a special seal so that the space continues to stay dry and clean, no matter what conditions may exist outside.

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Why You Should Never Delay in Tackling Poor Indoor Air Quality

In the midst of your chaotic schedule, it may be difficult to get everything done on your to-do list. However, arranging for powerful services to improve the air quality in your home should never be merely viewed as just “any task” which can be neglected for the time being. If you do not seek out thorough support for indoor air quality, the well-being of you and your whole family will be at stake.

The common side effects associated with the contaminants floating around in your house include: 

  • Difficulty in breathing and increased asthma
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sudden loss of consciousness
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Bloody noses
  • Irritation of skin, eyes, nose, and ears
  • Constant congestion in the sinuses
  • Extensive sneezing and coughing


The health of those you love is never worth jeopardizing, even for a few more days. This is why you should not hesitate in reaching out to professional air quality specialists, who will be able to recommend different systems that can be used to improve your situation.

We offer products such as REME Halo, Trane CleanEffects, and iWave Air Purifying System to eliminate or reduce the three main pollutants of indoor air.

Particulate: dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, soot etc.

Bioaerosols: viruses like Covid, mold, germs, bacteria, and living microorganisms. 

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's): odor causing contaminants, household cleaners, paints, carpet fumes & more! 

Just schedule a dedicated appointment with our techs at Prime Comfort.

Simply get in touch with us today at (704) 842-9959 or contact one of our team members online to learn more about all your options for air quality services in Charlotte.

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